Try-Day Friday with Dia&Co

So, last week I got an email from the good people over at Dia&Co. If you haven’t heard of them before, they’re an online personal styling service exclusively for women sizes 14 and up. You might be thinking I don’t fit in with the Dia&Co brand, seeing as I’m not a size 14 – And that’s where you’re wrong, my friend!

You see, for Dia&Co, it’s not just about giving women clothes that will fit them – it’s about giving women clothes they feel confident in. That’s where our collaboration comes in. Dia&Co has a great concept in their offices that they like to call “Try-Day Friday”.

Too often, we put together an outfit, only to second-guess ourselves and change into a “safer” look at the last minute. We listen to voice in our head that perfectly points out our insecurities. That new item of clothing makes us look too fat, too thin, too tall, short, tired, young, old. We see these insecurities in ourself and expect others to see them too. Too often we worry about how we look, and then we worry again about what society will think of how we look.

So, we dress in a safe way. An acceptable way.

Try-Day Friday challenges you to ignore that voice, step out of your comfort zone, and try that new style you’ve been hesitant about! My email from Dia&Co challenged me to do just that, and share the results with you.

My chosen item for Try-Day Friday was an off-the-shoulder top. I love off-the-shoulder tops! I mean who doesn’t? They’re a little different to a regular shirt, and they’re incredibly versatile and chic. I myself, happen to own about 3 OTS tops. And yet I’ve never worn any of them.
In the spirit of Try-Day Friday, however, I’ve taken the plunge and worn one out to lunch with an old friend. I loved my outfit, and it made me question why I hadn’t worn one before? Perhaps it was a number of little reasons that always made me say ‘nah’, and choose something else to wear. Maybe it was the idea of exposing shoulders that don’t sport perfect posture after years of carrying heavy school bags and slumping over a computer? Maybe it’s because the top itself is more clingy than the other tops in my wardrobe, leaving me to choose something slightly looser? Who knows? What I do know, is that there is nothing more freeing than ignoring the voice in your head, and disregarding concerns over what others will think, and wearing an outfit because it’s what YOU want to wear.

So, this Friday, I challenge you to try something new. The dress you never wear because you’re more comfortable in jeans. The shoes you love, but have never worn outside the house. The jacket you love, but are worried is too bright. Wear it! Rock it like only you can!  It could even be something as simple as trying a new accessory if you’re someone who doesn’t normally consider pairing an outfit with jewellery (Something I am definitely guilty of!) Use a different handbag, or tie a scarf around your current one. Try that bold new lipstick that’s been hiding in your makeup bag. The possibilities are endless!


Happy Friday everyone! Tell me in the comments below how you embraced Try-Day Friday!

Emily, xx