My Super Easy 10 Minute Makeup Routine

Welcome! You guys, I am super excited to be starting a new section of my blog – Beauty! It’s all set up and ready to go, there’s even a new category heading at the top of the page! Now, I won’t lie, I’m no makeup expert. As much as I love watching countless videos of eyeshadow applying geniuses on Instagram (who doesn’t?), I am nowhere near being on their level. But, who knows? Maybe thats a good thing. I might be starting something for the everyday category?…

Now, if you have found your way here from my Instagram page, I did promise another surprise, which is… I made a YouTube channel! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and it’s exciting to finally do it. I’ll be doing all sorts of things on my channel, from beauty tutorials, to recipes, and maybe a few other things… (you’ll have to wait and see). So be sure to head over to YouTube and subscribe!

Whenever I upload a tutorial, or recipe to my channel, I’ll post all the details here on my blog,  including products, and a written step by step. Starting right now with this super easy 1o minute makeup routine!



1. Prep your skin using a skin primer. I’m using Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer. Primers will smooth and prep your complexion before adding your makeup on top. A good primer will also help your makeup stick, ensuring it lasts all day. I prefer using this Napoleon primer because it contains chamomile and Vitamin E, so it hydrates and repairs your skin, as well as holding your makeup in place! If you have particularly dry skin, you can make this product go even further, by applying it after moisturising. When using primer, treat it like foundation – less is more! You only need a tiny amount! The product will glide over your skin, leaving you with a dewy glow.

2. Next up, I’m applying NARS Pure Radiant tinted moisturiser. I personally don’t use foundation because a tinted moisturise provides enough coverage for me, especially for day to day wear. In fact, if I want a really light and natural look, sometimes I just skip these first two steps altogether! When applying, use a small amount and brush in small, circular motions around your face. Don’t forget to blend around your jawline towards your neck so you don’t end up with an obvious line showing where your foundation ends.

3. I skipped this step in the video, but if you need to, this would be the time to apply concealer. I normally use Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. It’s a good product because it offers full coverage, prevents creases and it’s also waterproof. Just dab a tiny amount onto any spots and blemishes you want covered up.

4. After finishing my base, I like to do my eyes. That way if any eyeshadow falls onto my cheeks, I can easily brush it away when I’m finishing my face. I always start with a shadow primer. Make sure you use one specifically made for eyes so you don’t damage the delicate skin around the eye area. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance anti-crease eye shadow primer. Eye shadow primer will make the colours you apply more vibrant, as well as help them to stick to your eyes all day without fading. Just brush a small amount over your eyelids.

5. For my eyeshadow, I’m using my favourite palette, the Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad #5 (NOTE: I accidentally said it was Prismatic Quad #4 in the video, it’s actually #5). Using a flat brush, I first apply the creamy white colour along my brow bone as a highlighter. Using the same brush I then use the peachy colour, swiping it across my eyelids. To create a softer look, use a round brush to blend the same colour into the crease of the eye.
To finish up, use the light purple shadow and and angled shadow brush to darken your lash line. I use small horizontal swipes from about 1/4 of the way along the upper lash line through to the outer corner. Darkening the inner corners can make your eyes look smaller. (It’s better to dab some highlighter there to make them look brighter and more awake.) For your lower lash line, put the brush on an angle, facing upwards and then, holding the brush underneath your lashes, pressed as close to them as you can, lightly dab the shadow along the lash line. Again don’t go all the way to the inner corner of your eye. Stop with about 1/4 of the lash line left untouched. Do, however, go to the outer corner, making sure the upper and lower lash lines connect.

6. After the shadow, it’s all about the lashes! Prepare by first brushing them to separate all the eyelashes (be VERY careful doing this! You don’t want to poke your eye with the lash brush!) Then, just curl your lashes and add mascara. I’ve used Make Up For Ever smoky extravagant. I discovered this mascara when I got it as a free gift from Sephora, but it’s become one of my favourites. The brush is great at separating lashes, and the mascara isn’t sticky or clunky. To apply, place the brush near the base of your lashes, look down and wiggle the brush up along your lashes. This provides an even coat, lengthening and keeping your lashes separate along the way. After that I just brush them out again to finish off the eyes.

7. Now the eyes are done, it’s time to finish the face. Start with blush – I use a blusher/bronzer by Too Faced (the shade is Snow Bunny). Because this is a bronzer as well, only use a very light amount. Using an angled blush brush, swipe across all the colours and lightly apply to the apples of your cheeks, sweeping along your cheekbones towards the hairline a few times. If you accidentally apply too much, and the colour comes out too strong, just take a little foundation powder and dust over the top to reduce the impact.

8. Next up, I’m highlighting the tops of my cheekbones with MAC Soft and Gentle highlighting powder. I love the shimmer this powder gives you! Once you’ve highlighted, apply a little bronzer under your cheeks. I’m using MAC matte bronzing powder. Holding the brush on an angle, brush the bronzer directly under your cheekbones, almost as if your trying to blend it into the bottom of the bone. Brush evenly, pretending there is a line from where your cheekbone meets your hairline, to the corner of your mouth, however stop applying powder before you reach the fleshier part of your cheek. Keeping the bronzer in the shallow part of your cheek creates a shadow.

9. The last thing to do in this routine is the lips! The only thing I’m using is a crayon lip liner – no gloss, or lipstick or anything else. I love Too Faced Perfect Lips in Perfect Nude. To apply, I just trace the edges of my lips and fill them in. A cool trick I’ve learned for perfectly shaping your upper lip, is to line your cupid’s bow in an ‘X’ shape. Start at the top, in the corner, and trace a line down towards your teeth. Repeat on the other side and then line the rest of your lip as normal. It sounds simple, but this technique creates a really great shape every time!


That’s all there is to it! Easy! I’d love to know what you thought, feel free to leave a comment! If you have any questions, or ideas for something you’d like to see in one of my future posts or videos, I would love to hear it! You can contact me through the form on my contact page, or you can leave a message on YouTube and Instagram.


Until next time,

Emily xoxo!