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One Simple Change 2

One Simple Change 3

This is the third and final outfit in this series, with this outfit changing to a faux leather moto jacket. The outfit is still neat, but the leather jacket adds a slightly more edgy street-wear appeal to it. As someone who loves dressier outfits, yet tends to always end up wearing more casual ensembles, I’d have to say this my favourite of the three. It’s casual, polished and easy to wear, which is a pretty accurate description of my own style.

Which of the three outfits was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Emily xx


One Simple Change: ESPRIT top, AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS jeans, FOREVER 21 jacket, SPURR heels


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Esprit striped topForever 21 leather jacketAmerican Eagle Outfitters hi rise jeggings

1. Esprit top $39.95  2. Forever 21 jacket $32.90  3. American Eagle Outfitter jeans $58.39
Spurr heels
4. Spurr heels $39.95

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