Jump Into a Jumpsuit

jump into a jumpsuitHello again! I’ve got another new outfit for you all, and it’s a first for me too! I’ve done bodysuits and playsuits/rompers, but I’m pretty sure that this is the first jumpsuit I’ve ever owned. How about that!? Truth be told, when I first saw this one hanging on the rack at H&M, I thought it was a pretty patterned maxi dress. I took it into the changing room, went to put it on and said “woah, those are pants!”. I still loved it thought, so home it came¬†with me.

I tried to make this a fairly quick shoot, because it was HOT outside (Summer. Australia. Just take my word for it.). You might notice that I’m only wearing two things – jumpsuit and block heels. That’s what’s so great about jumpsuits! You don’t need to worry about coordinating shirts and pants, because they’re already combined! As for any other accessories, I chose not to wear any jewellery because the pattern on the jumpsuit is a statement in itself. Adding anything else would’ve risked making the look too ‘busy’ and overwhelming to the eye. Remember, when in doubt: less is more.
For the shoes, I put on a pair of block heels. The sandal style makes them perfect for the summer heat, the heel elongates my legs and makes sure the jumpsuit isn’t dragging on the ground. I also love this particular pair of heels, because they are made at just the right angle that I can wear them all day without my feet hurting. Woohoo!

What’s your go to outfit when your looking for something simple that also stands out? Are you a fan of jumpsuits too? Let me know in the comments!



Jump Into a Jumpsuit: H&M jumpsuit, WANTED shoes

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1. H&M pleated jumpsuit $24.99,  2. Wanted Shoes Tres Jolie Tomlin $89.95