Ice Cold Summer with Bonobos

Hello again! I have a slightly different kind of post for you today – a shopping guide! Dressing for the different temperatures during summer can be tricky. It’s cool indoors, but as soon as you step outside, it’s like being hit with a wall of heat. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help with a few styling tips and tricks for both men and women during the summer season.

You know the drill.

You’re outside, on your way to work and it’s shaping up to be another beautiful summer’s day. You’re wearing stylish, summer-suitable work attire, only to step into the office and the air conditioning is cranked up so much, you almost expect to see tiny snowflakes falling from the air vents.

That’s where this handy little guide comes in. The key to surviving this tricky temperature situation is to make sure you’re dressing in the right fabrics, and master the art of layering. Read on for a guide of products you can shop at any budget that are perfect for the heat outside, but can also be layered to help survive cool office temperatures.



Whoever said that office wear had to be boring? These tops are perfect for keeping you cool in the summer heat, but still stylish for when you’re outside of the workplace. They can easily be layered with a jacket when inside the office, which helps to not only maintain a corporate look, but also keeps you warm whilst the air conditioning is blasting.

Under $25


1. H&M Sleeveless Top $14.99  2. H&M Jersey Top with Lace $9.99 3. H&M V-neck Jersey Top $6.99  4. Forever 21 Contemporary Cape Bodysuit $19.90  5. Forever 21 Los Angeles Baseball Jersey Top $22.90  6. Forever 21 Striped Button Down Shirt $19.90  7. Forever 21 Chiffon Boxy Button Up Shirt $14.90  8. Forever 21 Striped Open Shoulder Top $22.90

Under $50


1. J.Crew Bow Shoulder Top $44.50  2. Tommy Hilfiger at Macy’s Cold Shoulder Crochet Trim Top $46.99  3. INC International Concepts at Macy’s Tie Front Halter Top $43.99  4. Cable and Gauge Cupio Off the Shoulder Top $49.99  5. Charter Club at Macy’s Floral-Print Flutter-Sleeve Top $29.99  6. Charter Club at Macy’s Print Sleeveless Shirt $38.99

Under $100

1. Topshop Vivian Ruched Striped Blouse by Florets $68.00  2. Topshop Flute Crinkle Sleeve Blosue $55.00  3. Topshop Knot Front Top $55.00  4. J.Crew Button Back Striped Peplum $59.50  5. J.Crew Stretch Perfect Bodysuit $68.00  6. J.Crew The Perfect Top with Embroidery $79.50  7. J.Crew Ruffle Top in Stripe $54.99  8. J.Crew Tiered Top in Mixed Stripes $78.00



If you’re workplace is a little stricter, simply pair you’re sleeveless or off-the-shoulder top with a jacket during the day, and remove it after work for a look that transitions seamlessly from day to night. Chances are, when you’re shivering at your desk you’ll want the jacket anyway!
A blazer is a great piece that can dress up any look, and they’re sold almost everywhere, so you’re sure to find the perfect one at your price range. Be sure to check out the H&M short coat in the ‘under $50’ section. It’s light, loose fit means it can be layered easily, and also won’t make you feel like you’re suffocating in a heavy, warm coat. In winter, simply layer it with warmer, heavier clothing. It’s the perfect all-rounder!


1. Forever 21 Double Breasted Blazer $22.90


1. H&M Blazer $49.99  2. H&M Short Coat $49.99  3. Forever 21 Contemporary Longline Cardigan $29.90  4. Forever 21 Contemporary Crepe Blazer $27.90

UNDER $100


1. Topshop Ruche Sleeve Blazer $95.00  2. Calvin Klein at Macy’s Shawl Collar Open Blazer $86.99  3. Calvin Klein Stand Collar Zip Pocket Blazer $96.99  4. Kasper Wing Collar Zip Pocket Blazer $79.00  5. Topshop Waterfall Sleeve Blazer $95.00



To stay cool in summer, you’ll want to add some loose fitting pants to your wardrobe. So, if you’re looking for something different to skirts and winter-suitable suit pants, culottes and palazzo pants are a great option. They’re long enough to be office appropriate and keep your legs warm indoors, but also loose enough to stop you from overheating outside. Paired with heels, they look chic and dressed up, plus, many of them are high waisted, so they’ll go perfectly with a top that needs to be tucked in. After work, they can even be paired with a pair of sneakers for a look that’s a little more relaxed. Too easy!

Under $25


1. Forever 21 Pleated Cropped Pants $22.90  2. Forever 21 Stripe Palazzo Pants $22.90  3. Forever 21 Pleated Woven Culottes $19.90  4. Forever 21 Accordion Pleated Skirt $19.90

Under $50

1. H&M Houndstooth Suit Pants $49.99  2. H&M Pants with Tie Belt $29.99  3. H&M Wide Cut Satin Pants $49.99  4. H&M Wide Leg Lyocell Pants $39.99  5.H&M Wide Leg Satin Pants $39.99

Under $100

1. Topshop Tie Crop Wide Leg Trousers $85.00  2. Topshop Stripe Wide Leg Trousers $85.00  3. Topshop Lace Up Wide Leg Crop Trousers $80.00  4. Topshop Ruffle Waist Mensy Trousers $75.00  5. Topshop Frayed Seam Stripe Slouch Trousers $95.00  6. Topshop Stripe Crop Wide Trousers $75.00  7. Topshop Stripe Mensy Trousers $75.00



Office wear for men is a little more restrictive in terms of changing up their look, but Bonobos is one step ahead with a new range of men’s chinos made with moisture wicking fabric designed to keep you cool in the heat. Here are a few examples from their new range:

1. Stretch Summer Weight Chino $98  2. Stretched Washed Chinos $98  3. Tech Chino $168  4. Washed Chinos $68


Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you enjoyed this post – it’s the first time I’ve done a shopping guide, so I would love to know your thoughts, and if you’d like to see more of these in the future.


(Keeping it Real: This post was created in collaboration with Bonobos. It is not a sponsored, or endorsed post, nor are any of the links on this page affiliated links.)