The Dress That Summer Sunsets Made

Okay, so this dress wasn’t reaaaally made by a summer sunset, but that’s what I think of whenever I look at it. I love the way the blues and oranges blend together. It makes me think of a beautiful summer sunset, when the sky glows with those gorgeous dusky colours.

You can find some similar items below, but this particular dress was found in H&M. I love the versatility of this dress. The maxi style, and bright, but not over-the top colours makes it suitable for an array of events. Styled the same way, it would be appropriate to be worn casually to a family barbecue, out to lunch or even to a wedding – it’s the perfect item for the season!

Do you have a versatile outfit in your wardrobe that can easily be worn both casually and formally? I’d love to know – feel free to leave a comment below!


The Dress That Summer Sunsets Made: H&M dress, FOREVER NEW sandals


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1. Hello Molly Sienna sunset maxi dress $69.00  2. Sheike Trinity maxi dress $49.00  3. Holster Australia Cloud Nine sandal $59.99