Canvas and Waratah’s

WaratahCanvas and Waratah's 1A canvas jacket paired with jeans is a simple way to create an effortless outfit with an adventurous vibe. I personally like the way the woollen sleeves of this parka add some colour and fun to this outfit, and detract from the seriousness made by the addition of the combat style boots.

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Emily, xx

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Canvas and Waratah’s: AÉROPOSTALE parka, AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS jeans, M.P.S combat boots


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Forever 21 hooded utility jacketAmerican Eagle Outfitters hi rise jeggingsPayless Shoes black boots by Brash

1. Forever 21 hooded utility jacket $42.90  2. American Eagle Outfitters hi-rise leggings $58.06  3. Payless Shoes boots by Brash $41.99