Athleisure in the Gardens

Athleisure in the Gardens 2Athleisure in the Gardens 3  Athleisure in the Gardens 4Combine casual, ‘leisure’ wear with clothing that’s gym-appropriate, or ‘athletic’ and you end up with the hybrid style of ‘athleisure’. It’s a trend that has become quite popular, even gaining the loyalty of Hollywood ‘it’ girls (including the queen of athlesiure, Gigi Hadid). It’s easy to see why the trend has gained so much love – athleisure outfits are comfortable and practical. Ensembles are often comprised of a pair of high-waist leggings (such as yoga pants), some kind of crop top or t-shirt, sneakers and a bomber jacket that acts as a fashionable bridge between the gym and the street. It’s perfect for people looking for an outfit that’s stylish, comfortable, and easy to put together.

Athleisure ticks all the boxes:

  • You can wear it to gym (just in case you’re someone planning on doing some actual exercise in your gym wear)
  • You can throw on a bomber jacket and continue to wear your gym clothes post workout without worrying about looking like a hot mess, or having the hassle of lugging around another outfit. Just throw your hair up, spritz on some deodorant* and you’re good to go.
  • Even if you aren’t going to the gym, you can still athleisure your way around town, running errands and whatnot. And you’ll look good doing it. (Hooray for being the most fashionable person in the grocery store! Get it girl.)
  • Athleisure has the power to give you that effortless, ‘cool girl’ vibe. Gigi knows this. And Gigi slays.

*Pretty please. This one’s not so much for you, as for your fellow humans


Are you a fan of the athleisure trend? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment below.

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