2017: New Year, Old Jeans

2017 - New Year, Old Jeans Well, old-looking jeans anyway. Despite their super distressed style, the above photos were actually the first time I’d worn these jeans. I personally love them, although my grandmother had some ~other~ feelings towards them..

“Oh my goodness! What are those!? They look like something you’d wash the car with! Look at the holes in them! You know what Pop would say – they look like an old rag the dog should sleep on. Oh, fancy paying money for those!”

– Actual words spoken by my grandmother about these jeans. I think she secretly liked them.

Following my loving Nan’s little speech, I realised that denim this destroyed might be considered a “bold” choice of clothing to wear. Which got me thinking – a few years ago, I probably (let’s be honest: definitely) would never have worn something so daring. You see, up until fairly recently I was the shy kid. My whole life, I was the kid that barely made a peep, unless it was with people I knew well and was really comfortable around. It was only about a year ago that whatever insecurities that kept me from speaking up, fell away. At some point, I started to stop caring what other people thought. Those worrying little thoughts “what if they think…?” or “what is they say…?” were suddenly silenced and boy is it freeing!

So wearing these jeans started a reflection on the year that was. I think I can safely say that 2016 was a pretty dismal year universally, however in the spirit of new beginnings I’m going to start 2017 by listing some positive moments from 2016.

  1. I continued working on Casual Fancy Girl, which I’m proud to say is now 1 year old!
  2. I’ve learned to embrace unique little ol’ me, no longer worry about what other people think, and have learned to accept that other people will be negative, but it doesn’t have to bother me!
  3. I took chances and ignored fear in order to follow my dreams and passions. Do what you love!

Feel free to join me in the comments section! Whether it was an event, a holiday, or personal growth – what made you happy in 2016?

Here’s to the new year – I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a good one!

– Emily xx



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